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House Malherbe

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The design consist of additions and alterations to an existing residence located in Voelklip, Hermanus. The client brief was to increase the living space to create a unified space, which connects with the ocean below.  A clip-on facade approach was decided upon whereby a new patio and extended dining area are accommodated on the ocean facing side of the house. Stacking slider folders doors are introduced to the existing living area to create a seamless link between the interior and the covered patio beyond. The patio is be closed up on the Western side to screen the area from the late afternoon sun and gusty  Northwestern wind during the winter rainfall season. The flue of the braai Iis extended to the ground floor to act as a structural element to support the ooncrete slab of the patio. It adds legibility to the design to guide visitors to the front door, located on the upper floor. The  approach to the entrance is layered with a timber pergola creating a transitional filtered light when moving from the bright open to sky space towards the covered entrance.